Long Panos on Epson 3880

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Re: Long Panos on Epson 3880

mike clemens wrote:

You cannot 'cookbook' it, it would basically involve rewriting the driver, and almost invariably, drivers are written in Assembly. RIPs replace the driver.

PrintFab basically generates a new driver from the existing driver, you might look at it as a virtual driver.

Brian A

Now that I better know what to search for "Printfab".. I find good thread like this one:


That is pretty encouraging. I would imagine the guy who posted that thread could write the "cookbook" for us all now.

1) install printfab
2) <unknown to me configuration steps>
3) Each time you print: turn color mgmt off in PF
4) print 17x60.. enjoy

Question -

Does installing something like PrintFab affect your existing Epson driver install, and their normal operation? Will I still be able to print everything small in the normal workflows I am accustomed to?

I have never used it. I have a roll feed printer along with the 3880. But from what I understand, it creates a virtual driver. You have the choice of the printer (its driver) or the virtual driver (as another printer).

Brian A

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