Why is Nikon so slow at fixing botched repairs?

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Why is Nikon so slow at fixing botched repairs?


It's been 24 days since my camera went in for an AF problem that developed when Nikon repaired the camera for an unrelated issue.  I'm hoping I get the camera back next week.  My question is: does Nikon ever put a priority on cameras they mess up?

The same thing happened to another camera that was sent in.

Now two cameras that were sent into Nikon suddenly developed the same problem.

Basically the camera hunts around the point of focus and then stops.

I've been using Nikon digital SLRs since 2000 and never had this problem on any of my cameras(D1, D2h, D2x, D3, D4).  I've tested it the camera with all lenses and ruled out lens problems.

The first camera I sent in was for a crack on the back by the screen.  It came back with the white balance settings skewed way too green.  I would have to add +20 magenta in lightrrom on most settings.

I sent it back in--took a couple of weeks to come back--and then I had to send it back in for a month because the AF started hunting around the point of focus.  They finally returned it and it has so far not had that problem.  I think the repair invoice stated they replaced some circuitry.

The second camera was sent in for an unrelated repair.  It came back with the AF problem.  It was sent back for three weeks.  I used it for two more months and it has developed the same issue.

Is there anyone at Melville I can contact to expedite future messes?

I used Canon for about six months in 2007 and their repairs were very quick even without CPS.

I cannot use my NPS membership because repairs are paid for by the organization.

I'm just hoping they don't renege on their repair warranty by claiming "impact damage".  My first camera was returned with a 4mm crack on the top lcd window(by the frame counter) and they claimed it was already there when they got it.  I guess only they can claim "impact damage" was caused by others.


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