Which lens for travelling to China?

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Re: Which lens for travelling to China?

Leslietan wrote:

I am going to China for holidays soon and it will be my first time. I am hoping if anyone have any experience travelling to China with regards to which gears they are bringing and photo taking rule/culture in there?

Places I will be going:

Avatar mountains
Hunan village
Cruise travel along Yangtze River

I am not sure which gears does apply to these places I am going but I wont be taking any action/wildlife photography. Perhaps some night/evening shows/events.

My gears are:
D800 without grip
24-120 F4, 16-35 F4, 70-200 F2.8 VRII
35 F1.4 & 85 F1.4

It's a heavy combo and I wanted to reduce 2 lenses from the 5 if possible but I am not sure if I should bring 70-200 and put away the 85 or vice versa as I do take photos from day to night covering places/people/landscape. Also will I get into trouble with custom if I bring too many of these. I don't like custom officers bribing me as I have bad experience in Indonesia custom before.

I would love to bring my 2 dslr with flash, 16-35, 35, 24-120 if possible but the other 2 is quite questionable. Or should I bring all and put into my thinktank roller bag and drag along while travelling except for the avatar mountain?

Any advise would be great.

Thank you in advance. (Sorry for my bad English)

If it were me, I will take D800 + 24-120/4 + 35/1.4.  That's a lot and more than enough for me. I also got my feet, my heart, and my brain; those are more important.

Night life in China is very popular.  I can also survive with D800 + 35/1.4 + 85/1.4.  If I can chose,  I will take a NEX-3n + PZ1650 + CV35/1.4 + tiny tripod.  Less is more.

But who am I?  (PS: I have been to China places like: metro-cities, Kashmir, Tibet - remote, Third Pole, Xinjiang - north/south, mountains, lakes, seas, etc. )

Where is this place in China?  It's hot, windy, dry, ...


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