Question about Panasonic Lumix G Vario 100-300mm F4-5.6 OIS

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Re: The D5200 EXIFs from I-R are BS…so what is Nex-7 as well?

LTZ470 wrote:

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LTZ470 wrote:

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LTZ470, imaging resource has made a clear statement about many of their Nikon test image EXIFs being bogus. Specifically, they use a Sigma lens that has a software bug that causes it to report a narrower aperture in the EXIFs than was actually used when coupled with some Nikons at some apertures, thereby significantly understating the exposure the Nikons got on some shots. They have repeated this statement on some Nikon DSLR reviews where the issue comes up.

The EXIFs are bogus, and don't support your erroneous claim that the E-M5 meters slower than most other cameras. Those are the facts.

See here for more info and instructions on how to find imaging resource's statement on the issue.


Cool. I had wondered about that.

So why is the Nex-7 twice the shutter speed?…lol…bogus…if I tell you the moon is made out of cheese you find some crackers...

No. You're suggesting we ignore the actual, calibrated tests, in favor of some images taken under uncertain lighting conditions.

Actually, interesting cameras to choose. The OM-D is apparently 1/3stop one way from the standard (although a few people have seen data thasuggests it's less than that. The Nex 7 is the other way. So, both cameras are at most 1/3 of a stop off, so neither are cheating with their ISO, however there may actually be a visible difference between them. I'm interested to see the back to back tests.

Nex-7 is faster on all accounts of shutter speed, kinda of a bummer that the AF is so poor and the EM5 AF is so good with slow shutter speed and the shutter speeds of both are at opposite ends of the spectrum…lol...

Calibrated test of the Nex-7 with an E-Mount 70mm Sigma Macro lens…lol…yeah right...

What are you talking about?

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