Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Is professional photography dying out?

All very interesting if too exaggerated. We live in a world where a lot of people can do things themselves, and if they can't, then either they don't need them or can steal them. Hardly anyone pays for their encyclopedias, their music or their movies now either. Seems to me bubbles go to people's brains when they think about setting up a photo business from scratch. I could understand it if there was already a big buzz they had created by doing stuff for their friends and everybody was asking for them to do a little work on the cheap, but to start like you've been parachuted over enemy territory just sounds weird to me.

In retrospect you are dead right. As I have said in another post, seetting up a business and spending what I did was not really my idea. I was more coerced into it. I won't go into who did that though. I tried over the years to make the best of it and so far the only thing that seems to be paying off is the books I write about photography.

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