Long Panos on Epson 3880

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Re: Long Panos on Epson 3880

You cannot 'cookbook' it, it would basically involve rewriting the driver, and almost invariably, drivers are written in Assembly. RIPs replace the driver.

PrintFab basically generates a new driver from the existing driver, you might look at it as a virtual driver.

Brian A

Now that I better know what to search for "Printfab".. I find good thread like this one:


That is pretty encouraging. I would imagine the guy who posted that thread could write the "cookbook" for us all now.

1) install printfab
2) <unknown to me configuration steps>
3) Each time you print: turn color mgmt off in PF
4) print 17x60.. enjoy

Question -

Does installing something like PrintFab affect your existing Epson driver install, and their normal operation? Will I still be able to print everything small in the normal workflows I am accustomed to?

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