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It's still a scam

ClintB wrote:


So, I can certainly see how some folks would be upset with the AntiError thing; it used to not be there when Comodo Internet Security v6 was released a couple of months ago. Also, there are pop-ups advertising other Comodo products and that can be disabled by going into Settings > General Settings > User Interface > uncheck "Show messages from COMODO Message Center".

To recap:

Custom install, omit GeekBuddy

Disable the advertising with steps in second paragraph above.

I feel that Comodo is putting out a very nice, and free product, that has some minor annoyances that can be completely disabled, so I'm not going to poo poo them. Just be an informed user.

But it's still  a scam.

Unsuspecting users (meaning your average Windows user) is not going to realize that the results of AntiError are BS, and may end up spending money on their paid support in order to fix the supposed issues.

Of course, in many cases, the issues are nothing more than a way to extra money.   For example, one of the techs told me that junk files are being created constantly and tried to get me to OK remote access to my PC. But, I'd only used Windows a few hours since a full cleanup (removing temp files, windows error logs, etc.) before the tech wanted to help me fix those issues.

So, rather than let them get away with that kind of nonsense, I'd be more inclined to try and convince governing agencies to launch an investigation to help shut them down, so that they don't take advantage of computer users with those types of tactics.

IOW, part of me wants to "look the other way", since the Comodo software is pretty good.  But, I can't ignore their scam tactics, so I will no longer suggest using them going forward, and hope that law enforcement agencies take action to shut them down (and punish any of their management staff that helped to implement and approve the scam tactics being used to increase revenue).

There is just no excuse for that kind of behavior, and it needs to be stopped, one way or another (either because users hear enough negative reviews about it, or law enforcement agencies take action against them).  Otherwise, too many users of their software are going to be unfairly taken advantage of.

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