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Re: Windows Defender auto updates and auto scans

ClintB wrote:

Just for grins, I setup a fresh XP virtual machine and installed a newly downloaded copy of Comodo Internet Security, accepting all the defaults. It did install GeekBuddy and AntiError, which both had icons on the desktop. I fired up AntiError and it asked about disabling some browser add-ons, which I declined. After exiting out and going back in, it indicated there were some things that may need attention, like junk files, etc... Some of it, I would say, is bogus and could be kinda scary to an average user (I'm in IT and do this all day long), so I can certainly see the "scare tactic" point of view. On the other hand, when going through the Comodo install, you can do a custom installation and omit GeekBuddy which also omits AntiError.

So, I can certainly see how some folks would be upset with the AntiError thing; it used to not be there when Comodo Internet Security v6 was released a couple of months ago. Also, there are pop-ups advertising other Comodo products and that can be disabled by going into Settings > General Settings > User Interface > uncheck "Show messages from COMODO Message Center".

To recap:

Custom install, omit GeekBuddy

Disable the advertising with steps in second paragraph above.

I feel that Comodo is putting out a very nice, and free product, that has some minor annoyances that can be completely disabled, so I'm not going to poo poo them. Just be an informed user.

Hi ClintB,

With the benefit of hindsight, you knew what to expect and being in IT, you're better informed than most folks.  But as you mentioned, you saw the AntiError "scare tactic" point of view.

Even with my background of having been a computer technician professionally for many years plus always building my own PCs, I must admit that I was a bit unnerved when AntiError said there were "serious issues" with my computer and to contact a Comodo expert.  I just knew my computer did not have any issues so declined to call Comodo while being encouraged to do so several times during an online chat with a Comodo Tech.

Thanks for pointing out the "Uncheck Show messages from COMODO Message Center" option.  On my version of Comodo 6, the path is "Tasks > Advanced Tasks > Open Advanced Settings > User Interface".  The "Show messages from COMODO message center" option was checked so I unchecked it.  Thanks for the tip!

As you mentioned, it appears that the Comodo annoyances can be disabled.  As long as Comodo doesn't pop up nag messages, I'm fine with any advertising that may appear "while I'm intentionally using it".  Like if there's a banner at the bottom of a scan result that suggests contacting Comodo for expert assistance, I'm willing to ignore that as long as Comodo also gives me the option to clean any malware it found by myself without having to make any phone calls.


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