Best Hard Drive Option for new MacMini

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Re: Best Hard Drive Option for new MacMini

beachbumdave wrote:


Do I need to install the SSD internal to the MacMini or will it run just as fast external on a USB connection?  Its less trouble if I can leave it external.


Please read my initial post. While I have cracked open a lot of Macs, the new ones are a pain to do so. I have found that the external SSD even with an old controller is fast enough. Now we have one that is as fast as a T-bolt drive. Good grief. What more do you need? Part of the problem is with specmanship, something I used to engage in a prior marketing life.

So one device is twenty percent faster than another to access a file. You will never notice it. Furthermore, if the slow one works faster than you can blink, who cares if the new one is twice as fast. I can't blink twice as fast, no matter how hard I try.

BTW. this is not a comment on your question. It is rather a comment on the whole speed issue.

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