Some dumb questions I have been wondering about

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Re: Some dumb questions I have been wondering about

Barrie Davis wrote:

jonikon wrote:

Years ago I read a well reasoned article on web that made a case for a maximum of 6 MP for small sensor camera. Based on my experience with P&S cameras, I believe this may be a bit conservative, but certainly not very far off. The P&S camera that gives me the best image quality and most accurate colors is the 6MP  Fujifilm F31FD. To this day there is no better tiny sensor for high ISOs.

I bought one of those for my daughter, and she still uses it with great pleasure... but are you saying it isn't hopelessly overtaken by more modern cameras (sensors)...

.... and that is still holding its own, even at high ISOs?

I had a Fuji F31d, in fact it still may be around somewhere. It was a great little camera, at least up to ISO 800. But it simply died after a couple of years of use. And I have heard numerous other reports of similar failures. I took shots after failing to remember to reinsert the memory card (whatever strange format card Fuji used), it filled the internal memory to overflow, then gave up.

I really miss it, except for close ups, for which it was useless.

Brian A

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