Is professional photography dying out?

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Poor business planning... poor attitude.

Let's assume that you are a great photographer. Let's assume you are correct that there is no market in your area. My question is: why didn't you try to find out whether or not your market could use your business before you set it up and bought all your expensive gear that you're complaining about?

What I'm reading is akin to listening to a corned-beef maker complaining bitterly about his deli failing when he set up his shop in a Hindu country. Or like a heating equipment repairman who can't figure out why customers aren't coming to his new store in Death Valley. Does this mean that no one wants corned beef and there's nowhere to make a living repairing heaters?

You're obviously not offering something that your customers want. So, either you change what you do, what you're selling, or perhaps what's necessary is to move somewhere else where there are more customers for your products.

Business is rarely easy, no matter what you do. Your negative attitude dooms your venture, no matter what avenue you're planning to go into.

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