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shot422 wrote:

i am completely new at this. i know dslr give more creativity, interchangeable lenses etc but are they actually better in image quality. i hear how far bridge (ex: pan FZ150, 200 etc) have come in IQ. want good IQ especially in lower light.

In optimal circumstances, on a bright day, at its best focal length, aimed at a subject with limited dynamic range, a bridge camera can take a picture that will look the same as a dslr picture to most people, at least when viewed on a computer monitor.

Change any of those parameters and the dslr will be able to accommodate the change better.   The much bigger dslr sensor can capture more dynamic range, and gives a less noisy image in low light.   The dslr's available lenses are more sophisticated and, when chosen properly, have more contrast, less flare, less distortion, and reduced chromatic aberration compared to the generalist superzoom lenses of bridge cameras, lenses designed to be adequate at many focal lengths but undistinguished at any of them.   The dslr and appropriate lenses also give a control of depth of field not possible with the bridge camera.

Bridge cameras have their uses.   As vacation snapshot cameras they can be fun, and for wildlife photography they are often the only affordable, practical solution.   Some photographers keep one around for wildlife use, because they don't have a lens anywhere near that long for their dslr (or whatever.)

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