What % of DLSR buyers stick with kit lens only?

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Re: I'd like to know too!

GreenMountainGirl wrote:

What you said about building an APS-C kit around these lenses is what I have decided is the best way to proceed.  Do you think that the 35mm f/1.8 would be a good addition, or would it be better to use the 18-105 at 35mm at least for a while first?



Absolutely, my friend. I'd tape that zoom at 35mm and use it for a while, maybe an outing. See if it hinders your habits. Many think a prime lens allows a photographer, or I should say forces a photographer, to consider different viewpoints and perspectives when framing their shots. I don't think I totally agree with this because we should do this with a zoom too, but it helps me from being lazy and just standing there with a zoom.

I don't think a zoom should be used to frame. I think it's best to do that with your feet so you can discover better perspectives. The advantage of a zoom is having a lot of focal lengths on you, not to zooming to frame. I think that is a good lesson to learn these days. Choose the appropriate focal length for your image. Then move around leaving the zoom alone, looking for that special view or perspective. Used this way, a zoom is just as good as a prime for making you aware of the various creative perspectives that are awaiting you.

A prime lens forces this behavior for people like me who sometimes lapse into the lazy way of staying in one place and using the zoom to acheive perspective. I try though.

The real advantage of the 35 f/1.8 is the one to two stops or so of maximum aperture and the somewhat sharper optics many prime lenses give. This lens is indeed special because it's inexpensive and also usable on an FX camera if one chooses. I actually prefer the 35 f/2 AFD lens but I know that it doesn't have the optics of the cheaper lens. I just like the look it does have.

My favorite wide prime is Nikon's wonderful 28 f/1.8G they released last year. It has a beautiful output I just don't see on more expensive lenses. It's quite inexpensive as these type lenses go at $699. That may sound expensive but to me and for what it is, is quite a bargain. I think the rebate for it is another $100, but that's over in a few days. For you, I'd suggest that 35 f/1.8.

Here's my 35 f/1.8G DX $199

Here's my 35 f/2 without hood $349

Here's my Nikon 28 f/1.8G FX $699

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Cheers, Craig
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