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Re: Show Your Snaps...March 25, 2013

The Dummies books can be really good.  I've used one for another reason many years ago.  So, now after you read up about the Canon T4i (650D) camera, you'll have to teach us.

I'm looking forward to seeing how you like it, being that you are another "Olympus transplant" like me.  I thought there were many elements about the Canon Rebels that matched what we had with Olympus.  For one, the Canon T2i (550D) camera and the Olympus E-510 weighed about the same.  The Canon T4i is a little heavier (but not that far off), if my memory serves me correct.  I like the Canon EF-S lenses how they are designed for the crop sensor, similar to how the Zuiko lenses were designed for the 4/3rds sensor (if I'm not mistaken about that either).  Next, I was happy the JPEGs from Canon pretty much matched what I was able to get from Olympus.  I've heard that Olympus has a better dust sensor system (from those that used both systems), but so far I haven't had noticeable dust problems on my Canon cameras.  But I've left my lenses attached on both cameras, so that reduces the chances for dust.

Anyway...congratulations again...have fun with your new toy.

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