Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

Midwest wrote:

DS21 wrote:

For most X20 buyers there is nothing that needs to be saved, no matter how much Fuji messed up with the camera, it will be still readily embraced by the "mini Leica" crowd. It seems Fuji knows what they are doing.

I think Fuji knew what they were doing with the X20. But what a contrast so far...

The X10 came out and before too long it became clear that circumstances not-all-that-uncommon could cause it to generate obvious white circles as round as if they'd been punched from the image. And the fans insisted it didn't happen, they said the people getting the 'orbs' must not know how to use the camera properly, etc. etc.

Now the X20 comes along and before anyone has really come to grips with all the best settings, people are writing it off as no good.

The X10 got the benefit of every conceivable doubt on Earth and the X20 gets condemned as no good after a dozen shots get posted. From what I've seen thus far I'd take an X20 any day over an X10.

As I said, X20 needs no saving, there are plenty of loyal followers who will rubber stamp whatever Fuji puts out. There are so few disenters compared to gushers, so I don't understand what is the big deal if few of us think the camera is just a "high end toy camera" , like one forum member brilliantly put it (and he is a pro).

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