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Re: On blowing smoke....

I didn't mean to be insulting. The site you mentioned I looked through and did not see the things you pointed to. Most importantly was the significant amounts of mixed blood which would have been a significant factor. I did not see where on the site proof of that.

And your proof?  here

I re-read the entire article again and if you could, please quote exactly where there is evidence in the article of proof of murder by the girl. The account she gave (as related in the rolling stones article:) was very detailed and told how she had gone back to the apartment she shared with Meredith after the night at her boyfriend's and did not know a murder had taken place although things looked out of the ordinary and, after she showered she noticed other things not right, became alarmed suspecting an intruder and went back to her boyfriends place.  I didn't see anything about purchasing cleanup items or a cleanup. Except, she took a mop because her boyfriends apartment had leaked water which was pooling on the floor.  She called one of her other room mates and then, with her boyfriend, went back to see what had happened at her place. She knocked loudly and called out through Merediths locked door and got no response. Her boyfriend then tried to break through the door without being able to.

In the site you posted a link to, the entire article is a confused writing about a book somebody wrote about something. Not any clear presentation of what was proven to have actually occurred in relation to a murder. Or any implication of involvement of the two people. Except inconsistencies that took place during hours long interrogation. I did not see testimony regarding 'bleach in cleanup or an attempted staged breakin. (Her boyfriend attempted to breaking to Meredith's room after no reply came from her locked door.)


I'm sorry you can't understand basic evidence, like Cane you have no answers to the questions that the Italian Justice system and the Kercher family would like to hear. Your only answer is to hurl insults and say "she's innocent". Fortunately that doesn't qaulify as a credible defence. Just so we're clear on this could you answer these questions

Why did this "innocent" woman falsely incriminate an innocent man? (She was convicted and sentenced for this crime)

Why did this "innocent" woman make up several alibis?

How did this "innocent" womans' blood come to be mixed with that of the murder victim in significant quantities in the bathroom?

Why did this "innocent" woman lie about her treatment by the Police even though this has been thoroughly discredited in court?

How come this "innocent" woman did not recall phoning her own mother on the night of the murder yet she can remember exact details either side of that timeline?

??? what does her calling her mom or not remembering it indicate anything. Possibly again being in a state of shock during questioning.

Why did this woman show a complete and utter lack of empathy to the victim who she claimed was a close friend?

How can a person's behavior who is possibly in shock indicate guilt. Or indicate a 'lack of empathy'.

Why did this woman and her boyfriend purchase cleaning supplies, including bleach and cleaning cloths, on the morning of the day that Kerchers body was discovered? You may recall that the crime scene was cleaned using bleach.

Please include details of purchase and link to cleanup by the two of them. Yes, that would be a smoking gun. Where is proof of purchase and cleanup?

There was a staged break-in at the apartment, this has been proven beyond reasonable doubt, there was only one person who had a motive to do this - can you guess who that might be?

Do I need to go on or are you really as thick and blinkered as Cane?

There's only one person blowing smoke out of his a$$ mate and thats clearly yourself.

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