New Canon Rebel closing the gap on M4/3s

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Re: A brave and interesting post.

tgutgu wrote:

CollBaxter wrote:

Actually a lot of people are thinking that at the moment. As an Olympus user who has not bought into m4/3 for a lot of reasons  the release of the D100 is very interesting. Its also interesting  to people outside this forum and a few others  who want to go smaller but not tiny and retain the full functionality of a fully fledged DSLR system. Some users prefer a camera with a bit of meat behind it. The OMD is a great camera but it's not cheap and if you are such a user (Who likes a bit of feel to the camera)  by the time you have dressed it up to go out and get a job ( Added  grip and battery) it actually becomes an  expensive camera. (My personal felling)

And before there are comparisons of weight etc , etc  getting dug up there are a few reasons for my thoughts.  The D100 is the first real  small DSLR camera from the big boys with full DSLR systems and is now an alternative to people who want to go smaller and still have the backup of a fully fledged professional system.

Your conclusion is incorrect. The camera body - unless it is as big as a EOS 1D series - isn't by far the main thing, which makes your photographic equipment small. It is the lenses! The EF and EF-S lenses are simply too big to convince a lot of people, who want a smaller camera system.

The selection of m4/3 lenses is already big enough to make 90% of photographers happy. Some special niches aren't yet covered, like tilt&shift lenses, extreme telephoto lenses, and some macro specialities, but that's it. So, for many, m4/3 is already full-fledged.

Therefore, I don't think that the EOS 100D is a major thread to m4/3. It rather shows that Canon is not willing to create something innovative and new, and shows that now is the time to switch, if you want to get small.

I subscribe entirely, there is no way that the mirrorbox will come back with a vengeance. It is simply fighting a rearward battle.

If people want big cameras with OVF there is plenty to choose from yet, but m4/3 is not about being small only. It is about going fully digital and having a competitive IQ with much bigger cameras.

Therefore it is forging ahead regardless. Live bulb/time is a good example of what no dSLR will be able to do.


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