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Re: Color shift is more troubling

Horshack wrote:

I've been meaning to post my results but haven't gotten around to it. The banding is correctable but the color shifts on the D7100 shadows when pushed are not, at least not easily. theSuede says it's the result of of the green channel having to be pulled up a few ADUs above the other channels, whereas the Sony sensor doesn't have that problem.

I think we can hold on a bit if Adobe provides proper D7100 support. If you need to fix an image urgently now, you can try pseudo-HDR from multiple conversions, where you fix the green cast in the shadows conversion prior to blending.

One should also be aware that the colours in an image lifted 5 stops or more can't really be right, due to the limited remaining DR (unless the scene is really low-DR and greyish). The raw data is rather sparse down there, and the shadows and even the lower channels in some bright parts are sunken into noise. Depending on the way you choose to process the shadows and set NR you may either get washed-out noisy or overly vivid ones, but not the true colours.

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