Nik Plugins - now an incredible deal

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Re: Nik Plugins - now an incredible deal

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I have very operable system built on XP, Epson V700, DJ130 and so on. I've seen those who upgraded hasty and have had need for constant tweaking, to get things done. And those things where just as easy as a smile, with the old system.

Whoa. When is upgrading from XP no longer "hasty"? 10 years? 15?

Well, uh, ok. At the time they paraded Vista to the scene and all that started to rumble down bit by bit, I decided there is one thing, be patient and wait. I waited until it was 7, had many issues, and I decided, let the wife to have the 7, I would go on with XP. Now with the 8, things seems to be worse than with Vista, customers are part of the  personel developing the product and pay to be part of staff.  I don't want to bully the wife with it, so the XP will do, I'll be patient, once again. Partly tongue in cheek, but just partly.

Forget Windows 8 -- you'd gain a lot by moving to 7. XP has many of its own issues; it's not nearly as secure as 7, for one. Given identical hardware, 7 is faster and more efficient. Also, as you've noticed, software developers are increasingly dropping support for XP. It's a dinosaur.

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