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Re: Beware the USB backup drive


As I've mentioned before, I run a lot of computers, and I've seen a LOT of hard drive failures since I started my IT business 13 years ago.  I've lost a minimum of 30 drives over that time, and it wouldn't surprise me if the total was 50+.

It seems that some of the least reliable drives are the Seagate external USB backup drives.   They tend to fail at the 1-2 year mark, suddenly, for no discernible reason.

I guess there's a reason an external drive with casing and USB connection is somehow significant;y cheaper than the same size drive sold as an OEM bulk replacement.

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Your personal experience with Seagate hard drives failing is purely anecdotal. Drives are rated in MTBF (mean time between failures), but it's just that, an average. Drives used in USB enclosures are exactly the same as the ones you receive to put in your computer. Drives create heat though so if the enclosure isn't ventilated properly it could fail more quickly. Same goes for a drive in a computer case.

The fact is, if you have a backup, either your primary or your secondary drive can fail and you're fine. Replace the drive right away and you're good. For that reason, I think NAS backups are bit overkill for home use.


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