Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

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Re: Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

Brev00 wrote:

That, to me, is a pretty obscure piece of bokeh criticism.  I just looked through the past few shoots with my Tammy and have yet to spot an image in which branches were blurred before a subject.  Lots of branches but they were either in or out of focus with no disturbing side effects.  So, while that may indeed be a flaw in the makeup of the Tamron, I am not sure how often the problem will occur at least for me.

Now, your bird shot is very nice and you should be pleased with the quality of your lens and your decision to go with the Nikon.  If you wish to critique the way I normally use the lens, I just started a thread with some images today:

Even though I bought this lens before I added my midrange and my wide angle, I find it the sharpest of the three and with the least ca's.  It still finds its way onto my D90 a great deal of the time.

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Yeah...gotta agree. I see virtually no difference in bokeh and the Tamron is more usable at 300mm where the bokeh is best, so that pretty much ends that.

I don't want to own a 70-300 lens that's not sharp at 300mm. Like most people I'm very interested in the reach and subject isolation associated with it. This is exactly where the Tamron is ahead of the Nikon.

If the Nikon is better at 200mm or 230mm I can't see it in my photos. The B&W of the old man is actually something I shot with the Nikon and I don't care for the bokeh all that much.

As I posted in your Tamron thread, I shot these today after deciding to do the job with the Tamron INSTEAD of my 70-200 VRII. I was climbing around damaged boats, so the smaller/lighter Tamron was easier to deal with. The images did not leave regretting the decision one bit!

These are all 300mm and wide open.

Great little zoom! Even if I finally dump the 300mm F4 for the 2.8, I'll keep this "consumer" zoom for it's sharpness and overall IQ in a small package. I never imagined I'd say that about a 450 dollar 3rd party zoom.



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