Nikon 85mm 1.4D vs 1.4G

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p m h wrote:

Thanks for the input. From what i heard, I am confident that 1.8G is a great lens.

However, I really want to stick to f/1.4 version as bokeh is the only reason i want a 85mm lens. Otherwise i already have 70-200mm f/2.8 vrii, zeiss 100 f2 to cover similar focal lengths. Also, i find myself shooting at f/1.4 and f/1.6 a lot for the 1.4D version of the lens. yes, the dof is super shallow at that point, but 85mm requires distance from the subject for full body portraits thereby making up for the shallow dof.

It's interesting that like you I've got the 70-200mm vrii and the zeiss 100mm f/2. ( and a 24mm f1.4G too)

Also I've sold my 85mm f1.4D and I've got the new G model last year 

It is worth every penny IMO: it is one of the sharpest lens of Nikon's,  improving a lot over the old model especially in corners. The bokeh is in the same league for both.

Its AF is not slower than the one in the D model IMO.

Colors are a bit better/warmer without the slight blue cast that the D model has, and the contrast and resistant to flare  are reasonably better (due to nanocoat probably).

This lens is so good that I'll probably sell the zeiss 100mm and get the new 135mm and I'll keep  the 85mm f/1.4G ( the zeiss 100mm is an incredible lens but I think the 135mm is better as tested by a bunch of top guys around, as it seems to have a much better correction of locas  that are the weakness of the 100mm IMO).


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