New Canon Rebel closing the gap on M4/3s

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Re: A brave and interesting post.

CollBaxter wrote:

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CollBaxter wrote:

Actually a lot of people are thinking that at the moment. As an Olympus user who has not bought into m4/3 for a lot of reasons  the release of the D100 is very interesting. Its also interesting  to people outside this forum and a few others  who want to go smaller but not tiny and retain the full functionality of a fully fledged DSLR system. Some users prefer a camera with a bit of meat behind it. The OMD is a great camera but it's not cheap and if you are such a user (Who likes a bit of feel to the camera)  by the time you have dressed it up to go out and get a job ( Added  grip and battery) it actually becomes an  expensive camera. (My personal felling)

And before there are comparisons of weight etc , etc  getting dug up there are a few reasons for my thoughts.  The D100 is the first real  small DSLR camera from the big boys with full DSLR systems and is now an alternative to people who want to go smaller and still have the backup of a fully fledged professional system. This is not knocking m4/3 all I am saying is that there is now an alternative for a lighter,  smaller camera with out have to start over .  As to lenses well they might be a bit bigger but you can mix and match form the many available right up a 800mm big white tube.

My opinion is that the GH3 is about the right size.

Nice to see you lurking here, Collin.  Imo, the fact that a long time 4/3 user is considering this camera is noteworthy.


As to the considering . Well if I was to change systems it would probably be Nikon. But I am holding out for a while.

What I find interesting is that the alternatives for a smaller camera are starting to be come out.  Its taken m4/3 and others to get the big guys to make things smaller. Although the E-4XX range was also very small it was not 'fashionable' to have a small camera. It also had no IS capabilities other than a few pany lenses. Now that small is  fashionable the big two will move in. One must keep in mind the vast systems these two companies provide.  These type of cameras (D100) are a nice compromise on size with a complete system in place. There are  advantages of having  a OVF and a slapping mirror. There is little these small DSLRs can't do that m4/3 can do . It does not IMHO work the other way around. So we wait  and watch.

Yea I know the lenses are much bigger and can't fit in your pocket. ( Although some of the Pentax pancakes and the new canon  40m pancake can.  Actually I can fit the ZD35mm in my pocket or I can buy Big baggy and put the bigma in them ( Sort of).

Well said.

M4/3 meets most of my needs.  However, there are times when I miss my D70 and I continue to keep an eye on what Nikon is doing.  Canon DSLRs have never felt right in my hands, but my wife wouldn't consider using anything else.

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