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Re: Acronis can fail... Other Win8 options

michaeleclark wrote:

Used Acronis for several years, but it can be tempermental and I do not like the drive "lock down" procedure where utility access to the drives is limited due to Acronis controls implemented at boot.

Tried Ease-US Todo back up due to its high ratings. Offers much versatility, but like Acronis it can limit drive use and, in addition, its documentation is poor.

Since switching to Win8, now use the built in recovery manager for scheduled back ups. Very versatile, includes ability to gang SSDs used for drive acceleration as part of the primary BU, works seamlessly in the background, and in 6 months have not had a single problem. Another adcvantage is that it is available at preboot to access without shutting off low level drive access the way that Acronis and other BU utilities do. Also use MS SyncToy, a little-known free utility to sync files (including new or changed files) from one drive to another. Very easy to use, straight forward, and fast. If there is a failure, simple to reverse the sync to restore the files to a new drive.

Use the Win8 recovery routine to back up my system drives and SyncToy to BU photo files.

Michael E. Clark

Acronis is good when you boot disc it - i don't like it inside windows unless i make sure never to do anything while it's backing up.

Boot to Hirens boot cd and use acronis from that, or boot to the acronis boot dvd/cd, and it all works fine.

Not sure about win8, I stay away from Fisher-Price operating systems.

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