Nikon 85mm 1.4D vs 1.4G

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Had the 1.4D, sold it and now bought 1.4G

I've been using a Nikon 85mm 1.4D for the past 3 years.  It produces great results, especially with D700.  However, it has 2 problems:

i) focus is slow.

ii) focus is not accurate enough with D800e which i currently use. AF-C does not work accurately even after fine tuning.

Now that we have only couple of days left for the nikon rebate program, I wonder whether i should pick up the newer 1.4G since I just have a new baby and it should increase my use of the 85mm.
From googling, it seems that newer 1.4G

i) has better sharpness which might be useful for D800e.

ii) autofocus is slower than 1.4D but accuracy is better.

However, at $1400, it is much more expensive than the old one and i am not sure whether it is worth the price gap.

Any comment from people who upgraded from the 1.4D to 1.4G would be useful.  Thanks!

ps: I am not planning to go for the 1.8G.  Sigma is another option which have fast AF, but I don't want to compromise with bokeh.

After years of use I sold my 1.4 D because focus was inconsistent, spoiling lot of shooting situations. Received tipson this forum, how to do it better, nothing really worked. When it did focus, results were worthy of its legendary reputation, but just too many misses...

So making use of recent rebates, I ordered the 85/1.4. Still on its way.

Over at Fred Miranda, all users praise the 1.4G, only one person sold it for its slow focus. Anyway, the G version has a more sympathetic, warmer rendering vs the blueish, cold rendering of the old D version. I haven't read anywhere before that the G was slower than  the old version, by the way.

And here, and example from the 1.4D, when it did not miss.

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