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Re: Face Recognition

I have tried face tracking for subject identification.  I wouldn't say that I have systematically pushed all the corners of testing, but my basic observation has been that there are two issues: 1. It is a little slow for fast children. Anything that isn't as fast your subject is hard to use. 2. There are situations in which there are two faces in different focus planes and as you look at the photo you can quickly discern which one will be the real subject and which one will be ancillary or even cropped out.  The camera can't make that decision. The face recognition is supposed to help by allowing you to prioritize people.  I haven't tried that at all, but that is not the problem that I see. The reason why during this 1 second this child is the subject is only because he is holding the toy dinosaur in a cute way, or she is smiling nicely. In the next second it is the other child.  After some fussing my current view is that touch shutter is the best.  It lets what only my brain can do get into the camera faster than anything.  I am just starting all this testing though. I have used the touch shutter only 15% of the time so far because its use isn't ingrained in my brain yet and hands yet.

I also shoot a lot of MF.  It is very hard for me to justify, because I do lose shots to OOF, maybe 15% and that is counting only when I snap the shutter.  I keep trying new lenses, but the truth is the SEL5018 cleared out a lot of them from my bag because it is very very hard to beat.  The Pen F 40mm sometimes is just magical.  Yes, it is sharp, but it has some wonderful quality that is hard to describe, and that sometimes appears, sometimes is elusive.  I just started testing the famous 8-element Super Takumar 1.4.   A very fine lens, but I can't yet say that I must keep it. We'll see.   The Canon FD 3.5 50mm Macro is amazingly sharp, but hard to justify putting it on.  I digress.

What did you think of these shots?

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