RX100 vs. Alpha NEX

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Re: RX100 vs. Alpha NEX

salla30 wrote:

Thanks for the tip Simon.

Do you have it? how much do you use it? is it generally versatile? Am trying to keep my NEX at 24mm on the zoom to emulate the FL to see if i can live with it generally. My feeling is that I can always whip out the RX100 if i need a bit more reach on the zoom and Im out and about. Quite oddly it's a lot cheaper here in switzerland than elsewhere, at around 750 usd or 550 gbp. Makes it all the more tempting!

I have it, it's the lens I use the most on my NEX. I think the 24mm (35mm FF equivalent) focal length is pretty much the most versatile focal length you can get. 50mm equivalent is considered good as well but can be a bit narrow at times. Wider lenses can be a bit too wide as well to be versatile enough.

You will of course have the reach with the RX100. I think the Zeiss 24mm and the RX100 would make a good complementary couple (I'm considering buying the RX100 to be my always-with-me camera), the NEX for critical shots where you need the image quality, and the RX100 for those shots where you wouldn't have the NEX with you.

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