Primates with D800 and 500VR

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Re: Primates with D800 and 500VR

RBFresno wrote:

Masterful as usual!!!!

Your 500VR pictures (as well as those of others) were part of the reason I got the 500VR. I've been very happy with it!

I keep forgetting to buy a Better Beamer.

Last year I was in Tanzania and there was a leopard buried deep in the shadows of a tree with a porcupine kill about over a hundred feet away.

Had to raise the ISO on the D4 a fair bit, and the SB-900 at full power was just barely able to get enough light on the subject for me to get by...

Here's the link (I didn't want to post the picture and "hijack" the thread   )


One of the other folks in this forum mentioned that if I got a Better Beamer, that  I should be careful not to inadvertently point it at the sun while  mounted on the flash. He had seen someone fry their flash that way!

Best Regards,


Thanks Bob...your leopard photograph is excellent!  And, it is more rewarding seeing these magnificent animals in their natural habitat.  Unfortunately, most of the time I have to settle for the zoo.

I have the Better Beamer, but forget to bring it with me most of the time.  I'm carrying so many gear components that it is almost impossible to have everything available for every shoot.


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