Which PP technique can produce these awesome colors & contrast?

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This is the result of pre production not post.

Benarm wrote:

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Benarm wrote:

Checkout some amazing photos at meninenuotrauka.lt, in particular, this photo. Really enjoyed the colors and contrast. Any suggestions on which PP techniques can produce similar results? Can this be done in Lightroom?

P.S. I am a newbie to advanced/major PPĀ 


This is a photo that seems simple, but it is not. There has been some preparation (the position,t he distance to the trees) and posing (all in a row) for this photo. Is not just a process. He used a fast lens with no more than 50cm of DoF, and the trees far way enough to make the trees out of focus enough. I think that this photo is mostly a good photographer (posing his subjects, deciding the frame and location) with a fast lens to make a nice separation. For sure it has PP, but mostly to enhance what already is there.

The enhancements coud have been done only with Lightroom. Some exposure correction, contrast (using the contrast slider, or the whites/highlights and blacks/shadows) and cleaning. There is no mayor trick there in my opinion. But of course, I could be wrong.

Well, I'm not asking about the composition of those photos, which are good but pretty common, but the actual processing of them. Clearly the output image is nothing like you would see straight in a RAW file. I'm particularly interested in how to achieve that strong contrast and colors, regardless of bokeh, subject position, etc.

Post work should be relegated to fixing mistakes that could not  be corrected pre shot or were unintentional.  When the shot is properly executed basic adjustments in post are all that's needed.

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