Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

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Re: Hot color discussions

BobNL wrote:

The funny thing is that I didn't even meant to discharge anyone's claims. I also have a feeling there is something different in the DP3M. And I would love to find out what and why. Just with this test I found that if all things are equal, there is not a big difference between them. As I wrote in a response to Sandy further investigation is still to be done.

For some reason Hulyss felt personally attacked by this. And although I admire his ongoing enthusiasm, I feel his claims are very bold and overstated. And never backed up with any evidence. So called claims of so called professionals who only speak to him are for me no evidence.

It's too bad this ended up in such strange 'discussion'. I think by exchanging ideas of what we see we can get much further.

Yeah ... maybe ..

But ... was my analysis wrong?

1. If you use auto wb and/or custom wb you cancel out any differences, and should get, more or less, the same result.

2.a If you use presets, and the presets are the same, independent of camera, then you will see the real camera difference, or
2.b If you use presets, and presets are camera specific, then anything may happen.

The test you made some days ago I think showed that you only saw a difference when using a preset. And I think Hulyss has said that he uses presets.

So ... if this is the case ... are you not in agreement?


To test this you can do like this.


Take two calibrated images (auto or custom wb) and look at the result. It should be same. Then look at the RAW data, they should also be the same if the cameras are the same. But, if the RAW are different, then the cameras are different.


Take two images with a preset of your choice and look at the result. The images shall be different. Then look at the RAW data. If the data is the same, then the preset differs. If the RAW differs, the cameras are different.

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