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DPReview is learning the ropes just like everybody

DPReview is relatively new to the forum business (and yes, forums are a business first and foremost.)  They're still learning what works and what doesn't.  And the moderators are also learning as they go.  Just like everyone in life.

InternetBrands, Inc. is a company that has been in the forum business for a long time (many forums have hoped to eventually sell their forum to InternetBrands; DPReview are no doubt also thinking of selling the forum to somebody eventually, too.) But seasoned moderators on IB run forums can sometimes make bad calls; they're humans just like everybody. Even IB themselves will make bad calls occasionally and will have to amend their written TOA.

And as far as DPReview being 'dictatorial' etc., please don't forget that this is a business and not something the users own collectively themselves.  It's all about revenue for the owners and it's their product.  But if they make too many miscalculations then the traffic will go to other forums. They understand all this.

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