FZ200: Silkypix RAW and Standard JPG comparison

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Re: FZ200: Silkypix RAW and Standard JPG comparison

Ronomy wrote:

Ronomy wrote:

When I hear "Posterization" I think iResolution with Sharpen>-2


Really? I have never seen that type of artifact with ires and have looked at over 1k images. Making contrast and color adjustments in PP on jpgs maybe a few times it has popped up.

Perhaps I'm giving it the wrong name.

What do you see when you use  Ires=on and Sharpen=0 ?


Oh I think I know what you mean! I see excessive sharpness and more halos. The edge enhancement can give the image a hard over sharpened look that sort of looks like contrast enhancement. The image looks flat and fake. Looks digital! Like what happens when you turn up your TV's sharpness too high.

I think of posturization as a color artifact. Color breaks up and distorts. Color ramp is in a stair step like pattern instead of a smooth ramp.

Ires can also smudge fine detail in some parts of the image even when set to -2.

My first response to my day of  IRes=On, Sharpen=0 images was that they looked like "paint by numbers" pictures.   That was the day I decided I would always save Raw+JPG


I see that with noise reduction set to high in low lighting! Even with ires off but you are right Ires can make that stand out more. I call it smudging of fine detail.

I am moving away from ires when I want the most detail. But in lower lighting ires can help a lot but NR and SH need to be set low to -1 or -2 for it to look good to me.

the ires setting on the FZ200 is always high except when shooting iA mode which is set to the standard setting. Confirmed with PhotoMe. I like ires set to low on my LX7.


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