New Canon Rebel closing the gap on M4/3s

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Re: Agree, 100d is design for existing canon user, won't appeal to native m43 owner

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Cannon created the small body Canon EOS 100D/SL1 to prevent other Canon user from jumping to M4/3. The 100D/Sl1 still cannot beat the size and portability of the M4/3 specially the like of OM-D with comparable lenses. Just my take.

I agree with that assessment.  Canon 100d has a very strong pull on me because I shot with canon gear for many years.  I'm familiar with canon menu system, canon lens, and even bad canon quirks.

But I failed to see how a Canon 100d will attract any existing m43/Nex user to switch.

I agree, but I don't think that is what what Canon is trying to do.  Android phones didn't become the most popular phones in the world by getting iPhone users to switch.  Instead, for the most part, they became the most popular by attracting first time smartphone users.

Thus, the only market reason left for 100d is to keep existing canon dslr owner from leaving toward mirrorless setup by giving them something smaller than their 7d/60d/650d.

Wrong. The other important reason is to get P&S upgraders and owners of non-Canon DSLRs to buy the 100D instead of m43/NEX.  Another way to look at it is to consider what would happen to future m43 sales if only current m43 owners bought new m43 cameras.

IPhone is losing because of high pricing, snobbery, too few models and technology hold back sounds like canikon? Strangely iPhone does better in USA than the rest if the world sound like canikon?

The P&S upgrade market is tiny they will simply go to smartphones!!!!! Bridge camera owners maybe, consumer DSLR owners who feel they wasted their money on equipment which didn't work for them, enthusiast DSLR owners who want more agile, practical and creative cameras

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