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Re: I keep five copies of every file

chuhsi wrote:

What cloud service do you use for your NAS? I haven't found an easy way to automatically back up my NAS to the cloud.

I tried CrashPlan yesterday.  It worked well.  I backed up about 15 GB for a test.  $60/year unliimited.  Software seems pretty good.  Runs in the background and does incremental backups.  I have about 700 GB to back up.  It will take several weeks the first time but it didn't seem to slow my network down when I did the 8-hour back up yesterday.  It adjusts the bandwidth it uses according to your activity.  It also picks up where it left off when you turn the computer off and back on.

For those worried about privacy and the guv'ment my position is I don't really have anything to hide.  Sure I wouldn't want every detail of my hard drive out there on the internet for anyone to peruse but I don't really have anything to hide from "the authorities."  You can choose what folders Crashplan will backup anyway.

I tried taking a backup drive to my office to have an offsite location but that was a bit of an annoyance to keep current with.

After my WD Black drive failed a few days ago (I had my stuff on backed up on two drives) I got a little nervous before I got the second drive completed again.

IMO something's got to be offsite else you run the risk of losing everything maybe due to a power surge or fire and so on.

For your specific question, I have the Black 2 TB WD drive as an external USB drive directly off my computer for quick backup and retrieval.  I also have a synology NAS on my home network.  Crashplan allows you to backup from external USB drives on a single computer.  (You can do more computers but it costs a little more.)  So any other computers I back up to the NAS and use Syncback free to move files from those computers to the NAS and from the NAS to my WD drive on this computer.  Sounds more complicated that it is.  Once set up it's one button click on Syncback to back up everything.  And Crashplan runs all the time anyway.  Didn't slow down LR any. 


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