TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

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Re: Ever looked at samples from new FT5 ?

scurran4 wrote:

Robert Anderson wrote:

scurran4 wrote:

Is there any chance of any of these being hacked? Maybe I'm not supposed to talk about this here.

The Canon D10 has been hacked with CHDK. The process has been started for the Canon D20.

I unfortunately have no skills in this stuff. I'm really curious what an unprocessed image looks like from these cameras. If it really is too much NR, or if information is simply not being captured. This could make the d20 more interesting to me, and the ones posted here look very good. It is just so damn ugly though, and that matters quite a bit to me on a $300+ item.

I think these cameras are capable of resolving more it is just that There is a lot of light lost with the folded optical systems and the tiny sensors are too noisy. Once you blur out the noise, the final resolution looks like a 2MP camera.

I agree that the Canons are not the best looking models. Many users complained about the D10 shape and canon switched to a folded optical system in the D20 to make it more flat and pocketable. I think the outside dimensions are a little too large. They have added rubber cushioning in a strange shape. I don't mind the bright colors. They may actually help you find it if you drop it in the water.

I can't see carrying any of these rugged cameras as my main pocket camera. I only use mine in the kayak, pool, beach, or when we are doing extreme outdoor things like climbing or ziplining.

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