Olympus 12 mm - F/2 ... Is it worth the $$ ?

Started Mar 27, 2013 | Questions thread
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Re: For me yes...for you?

Randell Tober wrote:

Really love the info put forth on this thread. I've learned a lot.

You bring up a good point. I'm hoping for a trip to Glacier this year. Last time I went I was disappointed with the pic's- not a wide enough lens. I believe I was using a 24x70 2.8 (Canon 10D) Just not enough. I think the 12 would shine in the same circumstance. I have a 14x45, 45x150 and will grab something in the 300mm range along with one or two primes. I prefer to stay in the 1.4-2.5 range with 2.8 being the max. I guess I'm leaning towards the 9x35 or the 12. Then on to a good portait lens- maybe a 60?

Thanks all... Very interesting comments and info. I'm going to read back over them all a couple more times. Take care, Randy

For taking daytime photos in a national park, you don't need an f/2 lens, but you might want other focal lengths besides only 12mm, so the 7-14 is a more logical choice for you than the 12mm f/2.

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