What would be a good basic lens collection?

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Re: What would be a good basic lens collection?

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I did, however consider 3rd party lenses before buying, & would suggest you do the same before shelling out a lot of cash for another lens.

The thing about staying with Nikon, I know it has good quality, and there are plenty of reviews to ferret out the flaws.  Reviews undoubtedly exist for third-party lenses, but I don't trust myself to decide based on them, or even on directly comparing them myself.

Someone suggested that one of the criteria would be image quality. This is a very personal thing I find. I went looking for a long lens for birding last year, & the shop I go to had a few for me to try. I decided to go with the versatility of a zoom, & narrowed it down to 2.

There isn't a shop anywhere near me.  This is another factor.  I am planning to take a ride down to New York City (about 4 hours) and go to B&H's superstore sometime soon.  Waiting for nice weather - it's coming! That is one reason I am trying to gather some information now.  I know that their salespeople are very helpful - talked to several on the telephone - but it is important to be able to decide for myself without being overly influenced by their opinions.  I can try out some lenses then, and either buy or wait and order from home.

You could try hiring for a couple days. Might avoid an expensive mistake. [& a divorce!! :-(]

Hiring sounds good, but then I would be under pressure to be taking pictures to make it worth the money spent.  The light is not so good most of the time right now - end of winter, gray skies, even had a snow flurry this morning!  Everything is brown, not so inviting!

As for divorce, my husband is a keeper, and he feels the same about me despite my multitude of flaws!   Plus, I intend to add to my lenses gradually and smartly, so he will hardly notice...  Devious, perhaps, but whatever works. 

Thanks Lee for your suggestions.  I always enjoy reading your postings on the forums.


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Hi Sue. I suppose I am lucky to have 4 good camera shops, with helpful & knowledgeable staff, within 25 miles of my home. One of the advantages of this is the ability to buy the actual lens I try out. This takes away the risk of testing a good copy, then getting a bad one when I order it. The issue of not trusting yourself to make a decision based on reviews is valid, I have never gone & bought any equipment based on reviews, even reliable ones. What they have done for me, is point me towards some options. it seems to me that you seem to know very much what you want, & I think you will be able to make the right decisions when you need to. I have not been able to do much myself for a couple of weeks, so I will wait for the snow to go before I venture out. Oh! you say your hubby is a keeper. Is that game or lighthouse? hehe.. PS. I have a question to ask in a PM if you don't mind?

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lee uk.
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To be able to test the very lens you might buy can make all the difference. I was to buy a 70-200 f4 or f2.8 and ended up with the f4 not that it was any better in my view but a lot lighter and easier to handle. Reviewing the shots for abnormalities of the copy aside.

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Cheers Mike

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