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Cane wrote:

I have never even heard of a RAM drive and I am not all that far outside to loop of computer parts.

I think you are pretty far out of the loop if a ramdrive is a new concept to you.


"The first software RAM drive for microcomputers was invented and written by Jerry Karlin in the UK in 1979/80."

I see the Ramdisk is a virtual RAM drive? Are RAM drives all virtual? Are there portable one's for a laptop? Are you using this virtual one the guy is?

There were a couple of products for PC computers that made a drive out ram that were on the market a while ago and I think now discontinued. They weren't very successful as they used smaller amounts of ram and cost a bit more than people were willing to pay in comparison to just buying more ram for the computer or just upgrading the computer to newer hardware that could use more ram. Gigabyte iRam was one. It was a PCI or PCI-e board with slots for up to 4Gb There was another more drive looking product on the market that was had SATA connectivity, also a battery, but with SSD coming to market, I think both products only had a short year or two on the market.

Does he mean 8gb of RAM on you computer to begin with? If I had 8gb of ram to begin with, I wouldn't have any problem to begin with. I have a laptop with 4gb RAM and it's not upgradeable.

With 4Gb of ram you can probably create a ramdrive of 1Gb without issue. About the only time this makes sense is when using a 32bit OS were the OS can only really use 3Gb of memory. The idea is to place the ramdrive into the ram space the OS can't address thus not impact the ram available to running programs.

Thank you

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