Amanda Knox - Double Jeopardy

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Re: Amanda Knox - Double Jeopardy

papillon_65 wrote:

William Carson wrote:

The reason I don't think there is a conclusive case against the two is that the things that you are saying are conclusive are, as you said,  circumstantial. A late night phone call to me means nothing. A lamp that was in a locked room that was belonging to Knox, again means nothing. You did not read the whole detailed article I sited and just lable it as 'American magazine.' Of all the things put out by media, this (article) was what cleared up the non-substanciated case against the two.

Are you really serious? and how did it clear anything up? it completely missed out any factual evidence or relevant data. Here again are a few of the points it missed in case you've forgotten

Knox was convicted of falsely accusing Patrick Muamba of the murder.

Knox has been proven time and time again to be a duplicitous liar with multiple alibi's

Knox was never interrogated as she has alleged, every person involved in the interrogation, including the interpreter, has sworn in court that she was not touched. So should we believe a lying suspect over the Police and the interpreter?

That's just the tip of the iceberg over evidence they missed.

"Large traces of Knox's blood was mixed with Kerchers' blood in the bathroom"

Is a human footprint big enough for you? I suggest you go here  and download the evidence powerpoint presentation if you are indeed interested in the actual facts.

Now, this would be conclusive if true. But was there large amounts of Knox's blood mixed with Kerchers'?  How much?

Go to the link above, open the powerpoint presentation and look at the photo's for yourself. That was a hell of a period is all I need to say about that

If anyone is wondering if this Papillion is credible or just obsessed with fiction stories, go to his site  here  where his 'conclusive proof' is 'shown' in 'powerpoint'. What a bunch of childish boloney. I am sorry I wasted my time taking your arguments seriously. I am bothered by your posts as people could be sent to prison for life for a crime they did not commit. And your proof?  here


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