Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Sustained effort and talent

I've been a professional tax paying photographer for over 25 years and have seen the changes. You really have to be "connected" nowadays to make the decent money. Advertising alone will not cut it.

OR, your work has to be top notch and then you under price your talent to keep a regular stream of money coming in.

I shoot weddings and portraits. I don't make the same money as I did 7 years ago and it's due to the bad economy and an over saturation of people working in the industry. It's all percentages. More photographers, less jobs, simple.

It's not the same anymore in that being a photographer is an excellent career. It never was that way either 20 years ago.But many people go into it because "it's easy", doesn't take any special education, licensing or regulation and just about anyone can call themselves a photographer. I call them "pretenders".

My advice to you, go do something else. I'm too old to do that, but believe me, everyday I look for something else that I can an ex cop, i think taking down ATM machines is a pretty low risk high income endeavor.

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