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Re: don't know -- disable Win 8 fast startup features....

malch wrote:

Jim Cockfield wrote:No worries on the new (main) machine. That will be single boot; 7 or 8 is not yet decided.

And "powercfg -h off" is part of my standard desktop install anyway.

I don't think that has anything to do with the way Windows 8 handles shutdown and startup.  It's similar to hibernate, but it's not the same thing.   You need to specifically disable the fast startup features to prevent problems with it when accessing the same file systems from other operating systems that are installed.

See the second page of the article I linked to.  Note that you'll find separate settings for hibernate and fast startup.  You'll want to disable *both* of those to prevent potential data corruption when access the same file systems from other operating systems (for example, Windows 7 or Linux installs in a multi-boot config with Win 8).

My old machine will likely become a multi-boot playbox. Maybe 7, 8, and one or more Linux distros. Again, hibernate will be off although this machine won't be handling any critical data.

Ahhh.. Install a few Linux distros along with it.

Personally, I'm getting ready to rework my main desktop so that I have OpenSUSE 12.3 installed, along with 64 Bit Win 7 Pro; as well as a couple of other distros like Korora (a Fedora "respin" with added software and repos) and possibly ZevenOS Neptune 3.0 (a Debian Wheezy respin with KDE 4.10.1 on newer software).

OpenSUSE is nice because of it's OpenStudio build service, where you can install the latest software with a mouse click or two (and you can easily build packages for other major distros using it, too).    That way, you have the latest software available very easily.  KDE 4.10.1 is very fast, too; and has loads of nice features you don't get with other window managers).

OpenSUSE 12.3 even supports systems using UEFI and Secure Boot (which is the way your Win 8 install will be setup).

Korora is also interesting because of it's Fedora base (again, you get much newer software that way), as you do with the latest ZevenOS Neptune 3.0 (based on Debian Wheezy, which should be final sometime soon, as it's the latest Debian testing release).

Personally, I rarely run Windows at all; since everything I need is available for Linux (including very nice image management/raw conversion solutions like Corel AfterShot Pro).

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