Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

I still have my X10 and it's going nowhere as my adventure with the X20 begins.

Far too early to be conclusive but everything about the new X20 seems better except the IQ.

Resolution has actually improved as promised and the images by default have more contrast but that sensor looks noisy. The standard NR of -2 is essential to minimise watercolouring but the problem of noise really shows as you increase JPEGs to ISO 3200.

I only did it out of curiosity to compare to my X10 and the results made the 12mps X10 a winner in my eyes. I didn't even try a 6mps version.

I've not tried RAW yet but results coming from Lightroom don't fill me with awe.

As I say very early days but I'm totally under-whelmed by the X Trans Sensor ; how come it's so well received in the larger Fujis?

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