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Re: don't know -- disable Win 8 fast startup features....

Jim Cockfield wrote:

As for your comments about Linux.     Be careful in that area.

Note that if you decide to stick with Windows 8, you'll want to disable the fast boot features.

That's because Windows 8 uses something similar to Hibernate in order to give you faster shutdown and startup;

No worries on the new (main) machine. That will be single boot; 7 or 8 is not yet decided.

And "powercfg -h off" is part of my standard desktop install anyway.

My old machine will likely become a multi-boot playbox. Maybe 7, 8, and one or more Linux distros. Again, hibernate will be off although this machine won't be handling any critical data.

My laptop is dual boot (Win 7 and Mint) and hibernation is not disabled. I did notice some warnings when booting into a different OS directly from a hibernation. I don't recall the details but since then I've been careful to do full shutdowns before booting into the other OS.

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