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Re: Nikon DSLR --> Mirrorless

Texchappy wrote:

Almost recommended the Nikon 1 but my only experience with it is reading about it.  That said, what I've read it's a pretty good little system.  Bonus, you can buy the LT1 adapter and use the Nikon DSLR (DX/FX) lenses with it.  It's a lot easier to find locally than the Fuji's.

I've been shooting with it since Jan. 2012 and I find it a joy to use. The adapter is definitely a plus and what's amazing is that it isn't a dumb adapter. You still get metering, AF-S (You lose AF-C and you are stuck with center focus point only, but that's how I shoot 99% of the time anyway) VR and so on. I prefer the native lenses because of size, but it's nice that it's an option.

Note on all Fuji's: they have perhaps the best JPEG engine on the market but you have to know how to use them to get those results - there is a pretty good learning curve.  I found it worth it; it's the closest in feel to my old Nikon F2 Photomic film SLR that I've found.

I agree with you here too. I love the V1 but I almost always shoot RAW with it. The N1's files are very easy to work with and can take a lot of PP'ing but if you only want to shoot JPEG you may not like the camera as much. Granted, it only takes me a minute or two with each photo because I generally have to do the same things (unsharp mask, noise reduction, and sometimes color correction). There are plenty of N1 users though that use it only in JPEG mode and are happy with it. But for me, comparing the JPEG's I get out of the X100 to the V1, well there is no comparison. I only shoot JPEG with the X100 but I am not sure I would want to limit myself to that with the N1 system. Just another thing to think about.

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