X-Trans: more than just hype !

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Re: X-Trans: more than just hype !

nixda wrote:

ulrikem wrote:

Glad you are taking this up. I read that excellent thread some time ago as well and I was ready to pitch it in the next time someone claims that the X-Trans CFA is just marketing gossip.

So in theory, there is an advantage for X-Trans. Presumably, though, the various raw developers that support the X-Trans out there are at best using a single, predefined "filtration value"/parameter set, which works okay for most scenes.

In theory also there is a disadvantage due to fewer red and blue pixels compared to the Bayer array, which should theoretically result in lower color resolution. The notion of reduced resolution has been corroborated by a prominent raw processor developer. So, there are trade-offs in the Fuji CFA. One has to personally decide what is more important. For low-light/high-ISO, it seems the X-Trans is fantastic, for maximum resolution at base ISO, the Foveon would be the champ. Bayer sensors seem to be holding their own just fine as well. They all make good cameras. Now if Fuji would only improve the package around the sensor, then we'd probably all be quite happy. And they are working on it, so everything is fine.

which camera do you shoot by the way?

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