Speeding Up Lightroom 4

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Re: Speeding Up Lightroom 4

Ok, I read through the link and am intrigued, as I am currently thinking about this same issue of speed in Lightroom. Unfortunately they talk about RAM drives as if everyone and their mother knows as much about them as a video card. I have never even heard of a RAM drive and I am not all that far outside to loop of computer parts. So can you fill me in a little?

I see the Ramdisk is a virtual RAM drive? Are RAM drives all virtual? Are there portable one's for a laptop? Are you using this virtual one the guy is?

Then there's this little nugget;

That's all there is to it. If it sounds complicated, just take each step one at a time. It's not that bad! You need at least 8GB of RAM to do this. Nothing less will work.

Does he mean 8gb of RAM on you computer to begin with? If I had 8gb of ram to begin with, I wouldn't have any problem to begin with. I have a laptop with 4gb RAM and it's not upgradeable.

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