Interesting technical Zeiss articles

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Re: Interesting technical Zeiss articles

Twong wrote:

I did not read all 3 links but the last link is definitely an ad that pretended to be technical. A few charts does not make it technical.

It was difficult to proper design before computer. But with the availability of inexpensive computing power, lens design is commoditized. It is relatively easy to make good performing lenses - such as 10X or higher superzooms. Great lenses still requires intuition that cannot be easily achieved by raw computing power. However, it does not mean that only Zeiss knows how to design and manufacturer good lenses. What Zeiss is good at is how to build and maintain a brand name. Not having AF capability further perpetuates their image by associating AF with inferior IQ.

some more advertisement for your pleasure :$file/cln35_bokeh_en.pdf$File/CLN_MTF_Kurven_EN.pdf

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