Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

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Images are necessary for further productive conversation

HBowman wrote:

And I do not understand you Bob ... to try try to prove the contrary ... Are you blind to not see this difference ?? Or just like contradictions ?? I'm amazed.

The problem is that those of us with all three cameras are not seeing the difference when we look at shots taken of the same subject in the same light.

I didn't follow the whole thread here but are you saying you do see differences in the samples Bob posted? It seems like one thing you mentioned was better red saturation - is that the main point?  If so, that allows a better understanding for everyone.  To be that difference seems slight and would not affect my own choice between the two cameras, but to others (like yourself) it might be a much bigger deal.

Of course, I do have examples, real examples of what I claim but I will show it when time will come. The more funny in it, is that I gift those X3F samples to one or two ppl here and they know it.

No time like the present - literally - since we now have some examples showing what a number of people personally find to indicate consistency.  In order to state they are not consistent, examples showing this also need to be present.  Otherwise it's just opinion that is not being corroborated out by multiple people that have both cameras.

And if there is a real difference, samples are even better because they show everyone else reading the range of difference and the situation under which it occurs.  This is really useful for other people considering cameras to decide which camera they might get, depending on what they shoot or what they think the magnitude of difference is.  You have described the difference as "large" but it could well be what you think is large, another person would consider insignificant or the conditions not relevant to what they shoot.

That show the true nature of some individuals here and lead me on my choice for eventual future cooperation's work. The choice will be very quick.

I don't quite understand what that meant but don't take any of this as an attack, only a difference of weighting.  How can you be offended by people simply showing what the cameras are doing and then giving their interpretations of the output?   Images shown provide a common baseline to have a reasonable discussion where everyone is perfectly understood, it baffles me at how anyone can get angry over other people's own vision as to what photographs mean that anyone can see.  You can just state what you see, people can read both opinions, and decide which way they fall based on what they in turn see looking at the same images.  Many people here have quite a lot of experience, yourself included, so we are simply looking at a range of very well informed opinion.

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