Can the X20 be saved? :-)

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Re: Can the X20 be saved? :-)

DS21 wrote:

jwrussell wrote:

Sorry to dive right in with the hyperbole.  At the same time it seems to fit in with a lot of what I'm reading here.  This is pretty amazing to me.  We have a brand new camera with a brand new sensor and although some people have had them for a few weeks most are just receiving them now.  And yet many are already writing the camera off as hopeless because of JPEG rendering, AWB failures and unhappiness with the OVF?

Having survived the ORB hysteria with my X10 I think it's premature the start in on the X20 just yet.  Perhaps we should give some of these very talented people a chance to experiment with the multitude of settings to find the combinations that result in pleasing JPEG output.  Has anyone really mastered this camera after dozens or even a few hundred photos?  Maybe I'm just a slow learner but upon receiving even my Canon 1D I was initially disappointed with some of the images.  It took a lot of tinkering to *consistently* bring out the beautiful images the camera is capable of.

And maybe we should give the X20's AWB a chance in other settings.  Trying to duplicate a photo using cameras with two entirely different sensors is bound to cause anxiety.  Isn't it possible that if the AWB on the X20 is not up to X10 standards in some circumstances that it may surpass the X10 in other lighting situations?

And for those of us who learned to love the X10 optical viewfinder can the new one be anything but a step up--even if it's not the equal to your very excellent <name your brand>?

I must admit at this point that my X20 doesn't arrive until tomorrow.  I sold my X10 to a good friend several weeks ago because he needed an excellent little camera and I knew the X20 would be shipping soon.  I've spent the past few weeks wisely, buying a GX1 with 20mm f1.7, and an LX7, and have played with several others in the store.  This has resulted in the LX7 heading off to it's next owner and the GX1 boxed and ready to go.  Both are excellent cameras but both are reminders of why I love the X10 and hope to love the X20.  If I'm going to lugs lenses I'll lug Canon lenses with the 1D and if I can't have a viewfinder then my iPhone will do. 

So my vote is to give the X20 a month or two to get used to it and learn what settings it likes.  If I can't come to terms with all of the reported "issues" I'll sell it and buy a used X10 that will be flooding eBay about that time.

My very best regards to each of you.  This post is not intended to offend or provoke anyone and is probably written as much to calm myself as anything else.  This looks like my first post but I was in fact an early member--back when my main camera was a Canon D30--not to be mistaken for the 30D--the D30 was the original Canon DSLR with a whopping 3 MP.  I quit posting years ago but continue to lurk around the forums occasionally and *always* check first DPreview for its camera reviews.


For most X20 buyers there is nothing that needs to be saved, no matter how much Fuji messed up with the camera, it will be still readily embraced by the "mini Leica" crowd. It seems Fuji knows what they are doing.

You are a breath of fresh air, thanks for your always positive posts.

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