Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: Sustained effort and talent

Machine Gun Kelly wrote:

Problem is - nobody's interested in photography locally. All the people I mention it to have no interest. As far as I can see, there's absolutely no market. One guy asked me if I'd take photos of his dog and never got back to me with a date. I suspect most people want photos buy don't want to pay for them so they do them themselves with their cellphones etc. Or they offer cashless "deals" which are utterly worthless. I can't pay rent with a cashless deal. I can't eat a cashless deal. I can't pay bills with a cashless deal. I'd rather work, get the money, pay the tax and have something to spend.

I looked on one of those online jobs sites the other day out of interest. I found 40+ pages of adverts for commission-only newborn photographers in every state except my own. In my own state, no photo jobs advertised whatsoever. I know I'm in the deep South and I know it's redneckville galore but this is ridiculous.

I'm at the point, after having tried hard to get customers over the past 7 years and having had just three (one of whom I am taking to court for passing a dud check) that I totally concur with a friend who had an art gallery for 12 years and closed it (because the recession arrived and it stopped making money) about advertising that it just does not work. I have a pile of business cards and nobody I ever speak to ever needs photography. I give out maybe two business cards a month. There is just no interest whatsoever in photography here.

Another interesting thing - I live not far from another guy who's a photographer. He always claims to be working and yet I hardly ever see his car leave his driveway or anybody else's car in his driveway other than when he leaves to work in his other job. He claims to be making a mint from photography though. This is one of the major things - people will talk baloney about the amount of money they make from photography. I hear people saying "I shot 20 weddings last year" yet they're still working in Sportsman's Warehouse behind the counter. I look in the papers and don't even see any weddings listed. I never hear wedding bells at any of the local churches. I think twice in twelve months I have seen a wedding going on locally. I have even canvassed local churches and some not so local. None of them had wedding bookings.

I love photography and love showing my photos but nobody ever wants to see them. I know some of the people where I work have art and photography degrees. Once or twice they have seen my work and are blown away by the colors and beauty of the images. I just can't get any further than that.

I see some doubters trying to raise their heads. It's usually not very long on online forums before somebody screams abuse. I can see it beginning to happen here with veiled accusations of trolling. All I can say is I speak the truth about my business and the way absolutely NOTHING that should have worked actually has worked.

So maybe your opening statement should be "Is professional photography dying out in my state?". Globally i see profesional photography picking up...sure the mobile phone and facebook are dominating the social scene, but people still want and need the pro...

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